Welcome To My Cupboard

Ever since I was young I’ve always loved food, especially plants; growing them, eating them, or ones that were, simply, nice to look at. In my fascination with plants and what they can do I discovered something about myself. I love to cook. Even more than that, I love to cook with plants I’ve grown, cultivated, harvested and cared for myself. Not to mention the money saved in growing your own.herb-garden-gate Since then, my taste in cuisine has somewhat… refined… and now I’m dabbling into that wonderful world of fine cooking that has been mastered by the french. After I have found a suitable cookbook to begin with I will then spend the next year mastering all of their recipes and blogging them and my personal findings on them and when I have time I will also include sections on growing each of the herbs and such that I grow and use in my foods and how to harvest and store them properly. Maybe, I’m just crazy. Maybe, I am. But, then, so might have been Julia Child when she began or Julie Powell who followed Julia’s work with such enthusiasm and utter abandon that it led me to follow her book and my own passion and maybe find some recognition in it as well. Maybe all of us can.

<To begin following in reading my post click here or find “The Quest” link in one of the Menu tabs.>


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