Beginning the book

I have to admit, just beginning the book has proven to be a test of conviction in itself. I am not unfamiliar with the inside of a kitchen; I have been cooking and inventing new dishes for years. This, however, is going to be a challenge. One that I quite look forward to.  Now, I simply need to decide if I want to just start at the beginning and work through to the end or take the next month putting recipes together as entire meals, which might be a dilemma in itself without the knowledge of having made any of them before. Am I completely insane?  I’d prefer to match up recipes and make meals but am unsure of what would go well with what… I suppose its decided, then. I’ll spend the next month matching up recipes and making meals. I’ll keep them simple and not go overboard to avoid overwhelming myself and to avoid possibly going through the recipes too fast.. I doubt that I’m going to have that problem. Wish me luck… anyone who might be listening…


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